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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Kenton Hardy who was born in Jamaica on 23 Februari 1967 and passed away on 22 Mei 2010 at the age of 43. We will remember him forever.
Tributes and Condolences
Am missing you   / Tanasha Nembhard Salmon (Friend)
Kenton it's going on 6 years but it doesn't get any easier, I still pick up the phone to call you sometimes. Sometimes I imagine you in heaven telling me not to bother with the foolishness massa.y You were such a good friend, now I know why they say ...  Continue >>
Kentons Greatness   / Albert Jonas (friend)
Kenton will be greatly missed. His was a life lived likened unto a star glimpsed at a fleeting moment in time; brief but brilliant in its intensityilluminating and enlightening us all thereby enabling us to envision much more clearly the way to etern...  Continue >>
Gone too soon   / Terence Henry (Coworker and friend )
I was sock when i got the news that Kenton died. When i saw his body in the cofen he did'nt look dead he look like he was sleeping. The peace that i saw on his face tells me he has  found rest. Thanks for...  Continue >>
I truly miss you   / Tazhmoye Crawford (Friend)
Words cannot express how much I miss you. I'm glad that we shared a wonderful friendship. I'm going to miss calling you every birthday and hear you say "Lawd Jesus Tazh; me neva remember; thanks; I really appreciate it". I'm blessed to have...  Continue >>
SO HARD TO SAY GOOD BYE   / Michelle Thomas (IMS Family )
Hey Hardie Boy (My Nickname for you)  I can almost hear you saying "wha tek yuh so long?" I wanted to write before now. But I wasn't ready still not ready to accept that you are gone and paying tribute make it seem all too real. But a...  Continue >>
Blessings / Michelle Tomlinson (friend)    Read >>
Spotless / Correen Fagan (co-worker/friend)    Read >>
Our Memories of You will live on.  / Petulla Prendergast (Colleague)    Read >>
RIP / Paula Colquhoun (Former Coworker )    Read >>
Farewell Kenton  / Michelle McKoy (Colleague)    Read >>
Farewell my friend  / Marlene Mendez Clarke (past co-worker )    Read >>
Loss / Valdimir Wallace (Friend)    Read >>
Farewell thou good and faithful servant  / Nicole Prawl (Classmate)    Read >>
A Consummate Professional Gone Too Soon  / Michelle Beckford (Colleague)    Read >>
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