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Am missing you  / Tanasha Nembhard Salmon (Friend)  Read >>
Am missing you  / Tanasha Nembhard Salmon (Friend)
Kenton it's going on 6 years but it doesn't get any easier, I still pick up the phone to call you sometimes. Sometimes I imagine you in heaven telling me not to bother with the foolishness massa.y You were such a good friend, now I know why they say the good die young. I will never forget you. Close
Kentons Greatness  / Albert Jonas (friend)  Read >>
Kentons Greatness  / Albert Jonas (friend)
Kenton will be greatly missed. His was a life lived likened unto a star glimpsed at a fleeting moment in time; brief but brilliant in its intensityilluminating and enlightening us all thereby enabling us to envision much more clearly the way to eternity. Close
Gone too soon  / Terence Henry (Coworker and friend )  Read >>
Gone too soon  / Terence Henry (Coworker and friend )

I was sock when i got the news that Kenton died. When i saw his body in the cofen he did'nt look dead he look like he was sleeping. The peace that i saw on his face tells me he has  found rest.

Thanks for the eighteen years of good working relationship. he teaches me a lot of things which i holdfast to. He was a great coworker and he has been sadly miss.

He will be remember for a very long time at Utech. for the great person he was to us all.

Mei his soul rest in peace.  

I truly miss you  / Tazhmoye Crawford (Friend)  Read >>
I truly miss you  / Tazhmoye Crawford (Friend)
Words cannot express how much I miss you. I'm glad that we shared a wonderful friendship. I'm going to miss calling you every birthday and hear you say "Lawd Jesus Tazh; me neva remember; thanks; I really appreciate it". I'm blessed to have you a part of my life from 1995 - 2010. You were truly God's masterpiece a gem in all its splendor. Although you passed at 43 you have contributed much to many lives - with your unconditional love. Many who are much older than you is yet to contribute half of what you did. Mei your precious soul rest in peace. I am still crying. I guess its going to take awhile to get past this but I do celebrate your past good life. I truly miss you Kent. Close
SO HARD TO SAY GOOD BYE  / Michelle Thomas (IMS Family )  Read >>
SO HARD TO SAY GOOD BYE  / Michelle Thomas (IMS Family )

Hey Hardie Boy (My Nickname for you)

 I can almost hear you saying "wha tek yuh so long?" I wanted to write before now. But I wasn't ready still not ready to accept that you are gone and paying tribute make it seem all too real. But as is said; all good things must come to an end and boy was it good between us at IMS. I remember the talks the jokes the comradrie. Where else are we going to find another 'Calamity Joe' to laugh at? You were really good at laughing at yourself and even had the audacity to share them with us which often times left us crying from deep gut-wrenching laughter or on the floor rolling around panting to catch a breath. People sometimes wonder if I was crazy; as sometimes there's this sudden burst of memory and I can't help but burst out laughing usually in a crowded environment all because of some situation you've shared at one time or another. Funny enough it always seem to have the same effect as if you were telling it for the first time. For so long it was you me and Henry the three musketeers never thought the story would end like this but for sanity's sake I have to accept reality and say goodbye for now friend. You have been loved you will be missed and you'll always hold a special place in my heart.

Hey! I am expecting to see you in the RAPTURE. Oh what a joyous reunion that will be.

Walk good fellow musketeer and we at IMS promise to look out for those loved ones you hold dear.

I miss you kenton you let me know wat heaven on earth felt like and now the world seem a little smaller without you in it you led by your examples you gave of yourself without boundary you loved unconditionally my life as been blessed with you in it thanks for bein you i love you kenton i miss you so much you will be in my heart always Close
Blessings / Michelle Tomlinson (friend)  Read >>
Blessings / Michelle Tomlinson (friend)
You were and will forever be a blessing to us all you touched so many lives with your calm soft voice your warm welcoming heart and your everwhelming kindness. Kenton you will forever be loved and will remain in our hearts just as you were. Close
Spotless / Correen Fagan (co-worker/friend)  Read >>
Spotless / Correen Fagan (co-worker/friend)

You were spotless unblemished untarnished by the world. You were blessed. You bless others by your love and friendship and you were blessed by their love and friendship. There was a knock at your door and you look out the angels were out inviting to come you accepted but you forget one thing-to say goodbye.



Our Memories of You will live on.  / Petulla Prendergast (Colleague)  Read >>
Our Memories of You will live on.  / Petulla Prendergast (Colleague)
Condolences to the Hardy Family. 

Kenton was full of life and had a laugh that was so contagious.  His memories will continue to be in our hearts as remember the times we all shared with him as friend and colleague. 

We thanked and valued Kenton for his dedication and work he gave to the Community Service Outreach programmes.

Mei his soul rest in peace. Close
RIP / Paula Colquhoun (Former Coworker )  Read >>
RIP / Paula Colquhoun (Former Coworker )
Dependable helpful and mindful. Always saying yes even at short notices. Your input at the Retirees' Function never went unnoticed. So many pics so many memories captured. Rest In Peace Kenton. Close
Farewell Kenton  / Michelle McKoy (Colleague)  Read >>
Farewell Kenton  / Michelle McKoy (Colleague)

Farewell Kenton. is always the good that die young.

Farewell my friend  / Marlene Mendez Clarke (past co-worker )  Read >>
Farewell my friend  / Marlene Mendez Clarke (past co-worker )
Will be forever missed. Such a beautiful person. Gone too soon. Close
Loss / Valdimir Wallace (Friend)  Read >>
Loss / Valdimir Wallace (Friend)
The world has lost a true gentleman. Gone but not for gotten! Close
Farewell thou good and faithful servant  / Nicole Prawl (Classmate)  Read >>
Farewell thou good and faithful servant  / Nicole Prawl (Classmate)
My condolencences to Kentons family and friends.  Especially to his immediate family and those at UTECH.   Kenton was a wonderful classmate.  He was always helpful and NEVER selfish.  He was great to study with during finals.  He was one of the best souls I have ever been blessed to encounter in this world.  Rest In Peace Kenton. Close
A Consummate Professional Gone Too Soon  / Michelle Beckford (Colleague)  Read >>
A Consummate Professional Gone Too Soon  / Michelle Beckford (Colleague)

A Consummate Professional: Gone Too Soon

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never the same.” ~ Unknown

Kenton Hardy was the consummate professional master at his craft a dear friend and a most dependable support to all his UTech colleagues who relied so heavily on him to ensure that every University milestone was recorded and documented for posterity.
I remember Kenton most of all for his pleasant and jovial demeanour and the friendly banter we exchanged when I called him almost every morning to book yet another event to add to his busy roster. His response was always “Yes I’ll be there.” Such was his passion for his work and his commitment to meeting the demands of his role as chief Audio Visual Technologist in the Instructional Media Services Department.
We are deeply saddened by the loss of a gentle but very effective ‘giant’. His substantial archive built up over the past twenty one years is testament to his contribution to the building of the institutional memory of the University of Technology Jamaica.
We will truly miss you. Walk good dear Brother and Friend. Our lives have been better for having been in your company.

Michelle Beckford

Friend / Dawn Vanreal (Friend)  Read >>
Friend / Dawn Vanreal (Friend)
  • Fun to be with
  • Thoughtful
  • I will always remember him
Gladly Remembered  / Debbie-Ann Harrison (co-worker)  Read >>
Gladly Remembered  / Debbie-Ann Harrison (co-worker)
Mei all who come behind us find us faithful.  Mei the fire of our devotion light their way - Kenton you were faithful and will be gladly remembered. Close
Who will I call to speak that language  / Josephine Bell (friend/co-worker)  Read >>
Who will I call to speak that language  / Josephine Bell (friend/co-worker)

Hey you Mr. Kenton so yuh finally come back from yuh long study leave don't have a ting bout yuh ..

Kenton...Yes miss madam long mouth.. Jesephine ...what me can do for you.. and the conversation continues..

Words are not enough to speak of the nature of such a pleasant humble and kind soul you were..but then I guess as it is said you action spoke much louder than words.  I know that each time we attend a function an event a presentation we will be looking around for you..yes with that camera..MAN but you will not be there.

Friend you will be missed by all and certainly by me and the staff of the Centre for  the Arts.

Hey Kenton..yuh nah teck me picture (graduation) Kenton one more just me and the the way Kenton where are the picture I am to get from that last function..boy a who me a go call up on  now..I know you would co-workers are just as good and yes I know they will be able to do the work and just as well but then they are not Kenton.

Mei your soul rest in peace. Close
Appreciation / Judith Orogun (Co-worker)  Read >>
Appreciation / Judith Orogun (Co-worker)

Mr. Hardy as I called him was very dedicated willing and timely in his disposition to help source speeches to test students. Members of the Communication Division in the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies are grateful for having been on the receiving end of such a dedicated professional. His example will be followed as he is greatly missed.


Condolences are extended to his immediate family with prayers that God will provide them with the needed comfort at this time of grief.


Mr.Hardy the Tutor  / Stacy-Ann Walker (Co-worker)  Read >>
Mr.Hardy the Tutor  / Stacy-Ann Walker (Co-worker)

Mr.Hardy... the tutor of many lessons i can surely attest to...a perfectionist he was... but never in an overbearing way...his penmanship put many to shame (what a man write neat!!)...

Mr.Hardy could produce excellent pictures i tell you... we always wanted more and more .... and he never refused to give us...

you are the clear definition of UNFORGETTABLE!!!

 you'll be missed Mr.Hardy.... missing you even now....

My condolence to all... 

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